Buying one with an excessive CCA rating may be a waste of money

With the right bets, Intel has the ability to become one of the largest U.S. electric vehicle battery makers. The big companies that are currently 07G016DH1875 70-NY81B1000Z moving to dominate the battery industry—like Sanyo, LG Chem and Panasonic—largely come from Asian countries.

Electric carmakers like Tesla have complained that the cost of transporting batteries from international producers drives up manufacturing costs, and Tesla said it has actively (and so far unsuccessfully) looked for a U.S. manufacturer. Many of the large U.S. automakers 90-NY81B1000Y slowly getting into electric vehicles could also be interested in domestically-made batteries. U.S. electric vehicle battery production could also be ripe for U.S. subsidies or benefit from Obama’s green stimulus.

For Intel, moving into electric vehicle batteries could help the company diversify beyond chips for computing, which it has so far largely been unable to do successfully yet. Other chip companies have succeeded in diversifying through A42-G73 G73-52 green tech businesses: Applied Materials diversified its chip equipment business several years ago with a solar gear bet and now is seeing solar as one of its fastest-growing areas. Chipmaker STMicroelectronics is working with LG Chem on battery packs for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Kay imagines a future where consumers would shun laptops with Sony batteries and where computer makers would openly Asus A32-T12 Battery advertise that their products are “Sony-free.” “I think it might be a good time for Sony to sell the business to somebody else,” says Kay. “If I was HP, I would buy Sanyo batteries so I can say Sony-free because—even if you say they are making perfectly good batteries now—all of that gets lost in the noise. All the consumers know is Sony has a bad battery.”

Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) recalled 135,000 batteries sold with HP and Compaq-branded notebooks in October, 2005, and 15,700 batteries in April of this year. Prior to its A42-G53 acquisition by HP, Compaq recalled 55,000 notebook batteries.

But HP is sitting pretty this time around. HP’s engineers tested the batteries in question and decided they didn’t meet the company’s reliability Acer GARDA31 Battery standards, company insiders said. The batteries were disqualified for use in HP products.

The U.S. signed a memorandum of understanding today with Afghanistan to transfer command of nighttime operations and all other special actions to Afghan troops. If the cell Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery overheats, the oxygen combines with organic solvents in a nasty chemical fire that can be contained but not extinguished until the oxygen and fuel are spent.

Afghanistan’s Defense Minister, General Abdul Rahim Wardak said at a news conference in Kabul that “from today, all the special Toshiba PA3384U-1BRS Battery operations,” including nighttime raids “have been Afghanized, and the operations will be conducted,” by Afghan forces.

A trio of new Toshiba tablets is on the way, allowing consumers to shop by size: small, medium, and large. The 7.7- and 10-inch models are Sony VGP-BPS5A Battery now joined by Toshiba’s (6502:JP) Excite 13, which offers more than a foot of screen real estate in a 2.2 pound touchscreen package. With the large display, however, comes a large price: The Excite 13 will start at $649.99 when it arrives on June 10.

You may recall from chemistry class that lithium is a metal that burns spontaneously when exposed to air and explodes in the presence of water. Surprisingly, though, the lithium Acer AS07A51 Battery has little to do with the risks posed by batteries, since lithium is not normally present in its volatile metallic form. The danger is that the chemical reaction that generates electricity frees up oxygen.

When Apple Computer (AAPL) followed Dell (DELL) and recalled laptops powered by faulty Sony (SNE) lithium-ion batteries on Aug. 24, the Japanese company said that the Acer BATCL50L Battery problem, which could cause cells to overheat or catch fire, was due as much to the design of specific laptops as to the batteries themselves.

Schindall, an electronics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the associate director of the university’s Laboratory for Electromagnetic & Electronic Systems. Researchers there have been working to enhance an energy storage device known Asus A32-A8 Battery as an ultra capacitor in hopes of making all-electric cars viable in the near future.

Getting the scoop was a thrill for Magee. He had previously started up another well-known techie news site, The Register, but left in 2001 to launch The Inquirer, which now has about 2.5 million unique users and delivers about 14 million page views per month. This story showed just how potent his brand of cybermedia can be. “The power of online journalism is, of course, its immediacy and worldwide potential,” says Magee.

The Inquirer posting ricocheted around the Web. Was it a hoax? Was it real? Industry analysts were soon e-mailing their take to mainstream reporters and investors. “I must have had two dozen people e-mail it to me the day it came out,” recalls Richard Stern, an associate director in the CPSC’s Office of Compliance and Field Operations, who headed up the investigation.

When shopping, remember that a battery is rated by cold cranking amps (CCA), indicating its power and the reserve capacity rating (RC), which indicates how long your car’s accessories can run and still have enough power to start the engine.

Since starting a car in cold weather can take up to twice as much current to turn over a cold engine, cars in colder climates would benefit from a higher CCA rating. Check your owner’s manual for the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) minimum requirements needed for your car and select the battery adequate for you needs. Buying one with an excessive CCA rating may be a waste of money.

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