several companies have struggled due to lack of funding or customer troubles

A123 Systems posted a wider-than-expected fourth-quarter loss this month after Fisker, one of its largest customers, cut battery orders. Bright Automotive, an Indiana electric Acer UM08A31 Battery commercial truck start-up, closed its doors in February after failing to get a federal loan.

WTO members are supposed to notify the trade body regularly of their subsidies, but U.S. and EU officials say China has not filed any Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery notifications in over five years, making it hard to gather enough information to challenge unfair competition.

“This is a very important win for us,” said an EU trade official. “Normally you should have transparency that allows you to act through litigation. But now it’s in reverse.” The Boeing case Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery and the related case against Airbus together represent the biggest trade dispute in WTO history and are a reminder that the arguments are not always about China.

A number of top national retail chains, including Kohl’s and Walgreen, have begun installing charging stations at their stores, bu t critics HP HSTNN-IB17 Battery say the U.S. push for electric cars has come before such infrastructure is in place, weakening the case for consumers to be attracted to the technology.

But since the bankruptcy of Solyndra, a solar panel maker that received $535 million in U.S. loan guarantees, federal support for advanced vehicle technology programs has Sony VGP-BPS9/B Battery ground to a halt. Ind ustry officials and analysts point to tightened U.S. Department of Energy requirements in the face of withering criticism from Republicans about the Obama administration’s generosity for anything related to green technology.

GM, which recently launched a new advertising campaign centered on testimonials by adoring Volt owners, has made the car the centerpiece Sony VGP-BPS2C Battery of efforts to seize from Toyota the mantle as the world’s greenest automaker. Meanwhile, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has estimated pure electric vehicles like the Leaf will make up 10 percent of industry global sales by 2020.

Building more electricity links between Britain and its neighbouring markets could be an answer to managing its growing renewable energy output which is hard to Apple A1175 Battery predict and cannot be stored, a manager at National Grid said on Tuesday.

Interconnectors to continental Europe and Scandinavia can help balance Britain’s electricity system when renewable energy Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery production, such as wind or solar power, exceeds demand levels. Meanwhile, several companies have struggled due to lack of funding or customer troubles.

China will exempt import duties on a wider list of “key technical equipment”, in a further step to shift manufacturing to strategically important industries such as cleaner and Dell WR050 Battery higher-tech sectors in the world’s second-largest economy.

The new 54-page product list drafted by the Ministry of Finance and the customs administration is longer than the existing 38-page list, adding new products from online water Acer TravelMate 6292 Battery quality testing systems to tomato harvesting machines.

The number of Palestinian rocket attacks dropped sharply after the ceasefire went into effect overnight, and no major towns in Toshiba PA3399U-1BRS Battery southern Israel were targeted. The Israeli military said six projectiles had hit, causing no casualties, and that there had been no Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

Previous ceasefire deals after earlier rounds of fighting have often got Dell Latitude D620 Battery off to a slow start, with guns gradually falling silent within a day or two.Gaza’s Hamas Islamist leadership has kept out of the fighting and seemed eager to avoid a larger conflict with Israel.

The number of Palestinian rocket attacks dropped sharply after the deal took effect overnight, with less than 10 rockets reportedly fired since then. In a further sign of a return to normality, towns and cities in southern Israel announced plans to reopen schools that had been kept shut for the past three days.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled Israel’s commitment to the deal, while warning of a strong response to any violations. “Our message is that quiet will bring quiet,” Netanyahu said in a Jerusalem speech. “Anyone who violates it or even tries to violate it, our guns will find him.”

Copper tracked overnight losses in Asian markets. Shanghai shares sustained their biggest one-day loss this year after Premier Wen Jiabao doused expectations of any near-term easing of measures in the country’s property sector, a key consumer of the red metal.

British electronic parts distributor Premier Farnell said strong emerging markets demand and increased market share would see it return to growth this year after it posted profit below expectations in a tough global industrial sector.

Premier Farnell, which in July issued a profit warning after sales were hit by the global economic slowdown, said adjusted pretax profit for the year to Jan. 29 was 88.5 million pounds ($138.8 million), down 1.3 percent on last year and below a consensus of 90.7 million in a Reuters poll of 14 analysts.

“The Karma performed exactly as it was designed to,” Tom LaSorda said in a letter sent to customers. “The onboard diagnostics detected a fault and entered a protection mode that shut the car down to protect other components. We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused the customer.”

“We expect this ceasefire to continue but we cannot be sure so our forces…are ready to continue if it will end up being necessary,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, visiting southern Israel, told reporters. A Karma that Consumer Reports purchased for $107,850 died on March 7 during speed calibration testing.

“It was quite a successful round,” he said, citing the deaths of 20 militants among the 25 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks and what he termed the “impressively effective” Iron Dome rocket interception system.

The anti-missile batteries destroyed dozens of incoming rockets, but the barrages disrupted normal life for more than a million Israelis in the south, forcing schools to close and people to run for cover when sirens sounded.

Previous ceasefire deals after earlier rounds of fighting have often got off to a slow start, with guns gradually falling silent within a day or two. In this case, militants fired nine mortars and rockets in the hours after the deal took effect, causing no damage or injury.

A rocket struck harmlessly after nightfall near the city of Ashkelon, shattering a six-hour calm but provoking no immediate response. Israel has not launched any air strikes at the Hamas-ruled coastal territory since the deal was done.

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