at how many of her customers depend on her to supply and change watch batteries

If you live in an area that sees heavy winter precipitation, consider rubber winter blades to avoid ice build-up and provide optimal clearing. Stock up on winter windshield fluid and keep a bottle of de-icing spray in your car to reduce the need to scrape. Check all vehicle lights to make sure your night vision is equally clear, and replace any dim or dead bulbs.

Check the tire tread depth and tire pressure. If snow and ice are a problem in your area, consider special tires designed to grip slick roads. During winter, tire pressure should be checked weekly.

Be diligent about changing the oil and filter at recommended intervals. Dirty oil can spell trouble in winter. Consider changing to a “winter weight” oil if you live in a cold climate. Have your technician check the fuel, air and transmission filters at the same time.

Getting back to the update of the Fostoria clean-up, Tom Brown, vice president of both GAB and RAZE International who have been contracted by the city council to raze and clean up the Fostoria site, told the council members that recent testing of materials at the site was such that they can be used as fill at the site. He said, “Things are looking good, and there will now be a lot more progress made.”

City council members and the residents of Moundsville are now hopeful that the work of clearing the site will be completed within the next few months, and once this takes place, businesses will consider the site.

The weather was not very nice to two recently scheduled events planned at Grand Vue Park, and because of rainy conditions the children were handed out Easter Eggs rather than having the opportunity to find them on their own.

Two hours adds up very quickly when you realize that screen time includes television shows, computer work, video games, apps played on a smart phone, etc. Certainly some “screen time” is educational, but we seem to be going overboard.

Bisset noted some of her customers are not just local. Some come from out of state. She claims to have customers come from as far as Georgia and Florida. She smiled, with amazement, at how many of her customers depend on her to supply and change watch batteries.

“We put in a lot of batteries in watches,” Bisset said. “I get people coming in every day now asking, who’s going to put my battery in my watch. That seems to be the biggest concern of people. One lady brought in 40 watches for me to put batteries in.”

“The American car from the mid-1930s to the end of the ’60s was a Chevrolet,” said John Heitmann, an automotive history professor at the University of Dayton and author of a book about the automobile’s impact on American life. “It was the car of the aspiring American lower and middle classes for a long period.”

Barry said he uses and recommends smoke detectors that are connected via radio signal. For example, if a fire is occurring on the second floor, the detector in that room will sound in addition to every other detector in the house. This is helpful, he noted, if one is in the basement and not able to hear an upper floor detector.

The Cameron VFD currently has a roster of 30 members. Walker said when he joined there was a waiting list because there was a maximum of 60 which could be on the department. The department still owns a 1946 pumper, which was used until the 1990s.

“We’re real proud of it,” Walker said. “It was just recently put into service. We got delivery on it in April and since then we have been training on it and it has been on display at fire apparatus shows around the country. It’s a big deal.”

The majority of drivers are aware of at least one scratch or chip in their vehicles’ paint. Unfortunately, many will not repair these small damages before they rust and become serious issues. A scratch can rust in just 30 days, and snow, ice and freezing temperatures can accelerate and intensify the damage.

“The thought of a breakdown, an engine not starting or otherwise being stranded is stressful as it is, but those things happening in freezing winter weather are extra stressful and costly,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “An investment of an hour or two to have your vehicle checked is all it takes to have peace of mind and help avoid the cost and hassle of a breakdown during harsh weather.”

However, the shoe was on the other foot on Wednesday when, sitting in the office, our chairs began to move sideways and a rumbling sound could be detected as if a truck slammed into the building. For many, panic set in. Hundreds ran outside into the streets, not knowing what to do next.

Yet I have to side with some of those folks in California who called us out for our ineptness in handling the quake. On Wednesday morning we were earthquake rookies. By Wednesday evening, we were all earthquake experts , using words like seismic and temblor as if we knew what we were talking about.

Over the years a number of state officials have attended and this year was no different as Danny Haught, director of the state REAP program; Mark Holstine, the executive director of the state Solid Waste Management Board; and Carol Throckmorton of the state EPA’s E-Waste Recycling program were in attendance.

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