If proper help does not come soon, the mothers and babies are in grave danger

Analysts appeared unimpressed. Late last Monday, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the firm’s credit rating, citing both weak financial performance and its European bond holdings. The next day, the firm reported a $186 million loss, its fourth loss in six quarters.

“If proper help does not come soon, the mothers and babies are in grave danger,” Ms. Narkiewicz said. Each animal consumes up to 440 pounds of food a day, but the boats that could be used to ferry bananas, pineapples and sugar cane to them are busy rescuing stranded residents, she said.

Mr. Gupta’s day did not end with the Goldman meeting. He spent the balance of the afternoon on his numerous nonprofit causes, including a meeting with Julian Schweitzer, the World Bank’s head of health nutrition, and Raymond G. Chambers, the United Nations special envoy for malaria.

The biggest problems on the Continent center on how to wrangle the $600 trillion global derivatives markets. Negotiations have largely pitted Britain, which favors looser regulation, against France and Germany, which want stricter limits placed on markets.

France and Germany, two euro zone heavyweights, argue that only over-the-counter trades should be reported to central repositories that collect the data and be cleared through central counterparties. Britain, which handles 75 percent of such trading in Europe, says that would put London at a disadvantage to rivals in Paris and Frankfurt. Britain’s chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has fought to extend regulation to all derivatives, including those traded on electronic platforms.

SAS Institute, the big-data software pioneer, announced last week that its software has been fine-tuned to work on the EMC Greenplum and Teradata high-speed appliances. The big private company had been working with Netezza as well, until I.B.M. bought the company. “We can’t share all our secrets with them,” Jim Goodnight, founder and chief executive of SAS, said in an interview.

The mayor and controller also announced that they were scrapping a decades-old tradition in which the city’s top investment manager was appointed by an elected official, the comptroller. Instead, that appointment will be made by the independent, less political board of directors.

The old way, Mr. Bloomberg explained, made it harder to attract top-notch investment managers — although he praised the city’s current chief investment officer, Lawrence M. Schloss, the former head of Credit Suisse’s merchant banking unit. Mr. Bloomberg said managers generally wanted independence and long-term appointments without being subject to political pressures and whims and without facing the risk of being dismissed as soon as their political sponsors leave office.

“Those people walked around with halos around them. Myths have been created on Wall Street. Nowhere is the myth bigger than at Goldman,” William Cohan, the author of “Money and Power, How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World,” a 658-page volume that explored the firm’s history and culture, said in an interview.

The Obama administration is revving up the nation’s digital capabilities, while publicly emphasizing only its efforts to defend vital government, military and public infrastructure networks.

“We don’t want to be the ones who break the glass on this new kind of warfare,” said James Andrew Lewis, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where he specializes in technology and national security.

Mr. Corzine’s arrival at MF Global in March 2010 was meant to be a triumphant return to Wall Street and to bond trading after a long absence. Though it is has operations worldwide, MF Global has just 2,800 employees, making it a fraction of the size of Goldman or Lehman.

Throughout the weekend, regulators focused on completing a deal that would sell at least a portion of the firm, a move that would avert a messy bankruptcy. But given its relatively small size, the firm is unlikely to send shock waves through the financial system.

As the government rushes to protect some urban or industrial areas by diverting water from them, local officials have faced off over whose towns will be saved and whose will be sacrificed. Mr. Goodnight, 68, has been doing some of the research himself on software designed for in-memory processing and is a co-inventor on a few patents in that field.

In Ayutthaya, two groups of villagers are reported to have battled over a dike that protected one side and condemned the other. As the unlucky residents dug at the dike to send the water toward their neighbors, a gunfight broke out, wounding one of the villagers. In some places, according to news reports, troops have been deployed to protect the dikes.

The availability of these rockets, as part of the reinvigorated 2011 cross-border campaign, underscores again the potential value in more transparency in national and corporate data on arms manufactures and sales, and of publicly documenting stockpiles of arms around the world, and of underwriting the destruction of surplus military munitions wherever they are found.

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