along with thousands of trade buyers and visitors who have confirmed their participation

With prices of rare earth metals skyrocketing (about sevenfold) in the past half year, combined with a realistic threat of being cut off from crucial resources, it is logical that importing companies and countries are looking to alternatives. In the ’80s and ’90s (Western) countries closed mines due to environmental reasons and because of a lack of return on investments.

Nowadays the situation is reversed: The United States and Australia are even planning to (re)open rare earth mines again in the coming years. Before these mines become fully operational, it will take many years and much effort and of course money. In short, for many years China will keep its monopoly, thus being an important country to take into account of.

Mr Gazi Bilikozen, Senior Show Manager, Automechanika Middle East, said, “The recent import and export figures released in Dubai within the automotive industry confirm our confidence that this is still a burgeoning industry. The results from our recently concluded exhibi-tion speak the same and we intend to build on this for Automechanika Middle East 2011 which will take place from June 7 to 9.”

Another notable trend in the sector is that Dubai’s re-exports within these product groups have also registered an increase, highlighting the city’s strength as the focal point for targeting the surrounding region including the GCC, Middle East and Africa. Amongst some of the most popular re-export markets are Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan and Libya.

“Saudi automobile sales for this year have again been at very high levels and have influenced an accompanying increase in demand for various parts and services. We expect a 30% increase in our exhibition size this year compared to the previous edition that will precisely reflect the market’s sustained growth. We believe that this edition of Riyadh Motor Show will once again reflect the vibrancy of the Saudi automobile industry and reinforce the Kingdom’s status as the top automobile market in the Middle East,” said Kamil Al Jawhari, Project Manager of Riyadh Motor Show at the Riyadh Exhibitions Company.

Aside from showcasing the latest models of passenger cars, station wagons, SUVs, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, Special Purpose Vehicles, and 4×4 vehicles, Riyadh Motor Show 2010 will also cover automobile financing and insurance services. Last year’s edition welcomed over 86,000 visitors, 68% of whom were Saudi residents. The rest came from the Gulf (24%) and other countries (8%). Germany, Iran, Thailand, Australia, India, Italy and the UAE were represented during the 2009 event.

Mohammad Al Hussaini, Deputy General Manager at Riyadh Exhibitions Company, said, “Saudi Arabia has a very promising long-term growth outlook driven by a number of strategic advantages such as strong purchasing power, steady population growth, low tariffs on imported cars and minimal fuel cost. The excellent market conditions are reflected in the impressive guest list of this year’s Riyadh Motor Show and Saudi Autoshop, which have once again gathered all of the leading industry players in the automotive sector, along with thousands of trade buyers and visitors who have confirmed their participation. Moreover, a very impressive array of new cars, accessories, automotive solutions and value-added services are being showcased, so this is truly an event that should not be missed by all automotive professionals and enthusiasts.”

These include Captain Javed Latif who joins Rizon Jet as Director of Operations. He brings considerable experience in corporate aviation having flown a large variety of business jets after an illustrious career in the military.

Simon D’Oyly, newly appointed Director of Sales and Aircraft Management, joined Rizon Jet this summer from AJA in Abu Dhabi. He was also previously MD of Aircraft Management with National Air Services in Saudi Arabia. Paul Macintyre joined Rizon Jet as Manager of Maintenance from Ocean Sky Engineering where he set up an EASA 145 Bombardier approved aircraft maintenance facility.

In Doha Rizon Jet has also been steadily adding to its maintenance and technical capabilities. It is set to obtain Qatar CAA 145 approval in December 2010 and is close to attaining EASA 145 maintenance approval in January 2011. For the longer term, the organisation is pursuing approvals for maintenance accreditation on Bermudian, Isle of Man, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabian-registered aircraft. With a very sizable hanagar and is capable of accommodating four Global XRS or nine Challenger 604/605 aircraft. Adjoined in-house workshops and technical offices are covering 1,579 m2.

The trouble is that many smartphone applications are set to connect to the network every few seconds, such as an email application checking for new messages. Signalling goes up as the smartphone frequently switches between states and this eats network capacity, sometimes blocking other phones from even making calls.

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