Chinese companies are also distinguishing themselves in green technology

Chinese manufacturers including Foxconn, a division of the Hon Hai Group of Taiwan, earn a combined $6.54 from assembling the components, which amounts to a mere 3.5 percent of the material cost of the iPhone. “We’ve concluded Hon Hai’s labor-intensive model is not sustainable,” says Isaac Wang at iSuppli Research.

“The team will know about vibrations in the wings, about the position of the flight controls, about the efficiency of the solar cells, all the energy that gets in, all the energy that gets out,” he said. Piccard initiated the project in 1999, setting his sights on such solar-powered flight after he circumnavigated the world in a balloon.

Solar Impulse’s Chief Executive Officer Andre Borschberg is the pilot for this historic night flight. He explained that these solar-powered flight plans have a limited window of opportunity because the project relies on stable weather and long, sunny days. “July is a very good month so we’d like to use this month to do — and we plan to do — two flights through the nights, and we really will fight to make them successfully,” said Andre Borschberg.

Chinese companies are also distinguishing themselves in green technology. The nation’s mining and energy firms are focusing on eco-friendly power generation technologies to reduce pollutants by gasifying coal. In the rechargeable batteries sector, companies such as Shenzhen-based BYD are making names for themselves in the world market.

Destroyers and support vessels, P-3C maritime patrol aircraft, helicopters, and Navy and coast guard commandos for interdiction missions will participate in the exercise to interdict suspicious ships and seize weapons of mass destruction.

Competition is intensifying in the global market for electric cars, and Japanese and Chinese carmakers are leading the way. Around 158 Japanese companies, including Fuji Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, recently established the CHAdeMO Association, which aims to increase quick-charger installations worldwide and standardize charging formats.

Some components of the phone are made by small Korean companies. One of them is Amotech, which manufactures the varistors used in the iPhone 4. Varistors are used to protect circuits against excessive voltage in mobile handsets. Interflex, another small Korean company, produces the flexible printed circuit boards, or FPCB, through which electricity travels, serving as the blood vessels of mobile phones.

The shuttle arrived at the orbiting outpost last Sunday.  NASA will use other space shuttles for two more missions due to take place later this year.  That will mark the end of the space-shuttle program.

Piccard said the fact that they had to postpone the take-off last week is not a problem in the longterm. “You know, aviation didn’t need just a couple of weeks to go from the Wright Brothers to the moon landing,” said Piccard. “It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of problems to be solved. It’s an adventure, you know.”

But Hyundai Motor, Korea’s largest carmaker, is lagging behind in the race. The Korean company will roll out a mere 30 units of its i10 electric car this year and plans to produce only around 300 to 500 next year. That pales in comparison to Nissan, which aims to sell 50,000 Leaf electric cars in the U.S. starting at the end of this year, and Mitsubishi, which is targeting sales of 9,000 i-MiEV electric cars in the U.S. and Europe.

The Korean government plans to let high-speed electric cars go through a trial period in August before offering subsidies for buyers. But such subsidies will not be available until after next year. At this rate, experts say, local small and mid-sized electric carmakers will end up going bankrupt, pushed out by rapidly-expanding Chinese and Japanese rivals.

Samsung Group announced on Tuesday it will invest W23.3 trillion into five business areas to develop its future growth industries (US$1=W1,137). It plans to invest W6 trillion into solar cells, W5.4 trillion into rechargeable batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, W8.6 trillion into light-emitting diode (LED) technologies, W2.1 trillion into biopharmaceuticals and W1.2 trillion on medical devices. “When the investments are completed by 2020, we will have created 450,000 jobs and generated W50 trillion in sales,” the company said.

New York City Police disarmed a bomb inside a sport utility vehicle in the city’s busy theater district on Saturday night, avoiding what officials say could have been a “very deadly event.” Law enforcement officials are looking through hours of video surveillance tapes and examining other evidence to find the person responsible for what authorities say could have been an act of terrorism.

Following the U.S. and Chinese markets, LG Chem has now made inroads into the European electric vehicle battery market. Its list of customers for battery packs includes General Motors, Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, and China’s Chang’an Automobile Group.

Military officials and experts believe that if a North Korean torpedo was involved in the sinking of the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan, it was probably launched from a 325-ton Shark-class submarine. The sub ranks between a full-blown submarine and a mini-sub in terms of size.

South Korean military intelligence are reportedly focusing on the fact that one or two Shark-class submarines from a submarine base in Cape Bipagot, South Hwanghae Province are unaccounted for during the time of the Cheonan’s sinking.

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