petrol engine or both – and another dial displays the charge level of the battery

The Securities and Exchange Commission declined to comment. Sokol said in an interview with CNBC Thursday morning that he has not been contacted by investigators and that he had done nothing wrong.

Buffett declined Wednesday to answer questions about Sokol’s resignation beyond what he said in his statement. And Buffett did not respond to questions Thursday about whether Sokol’s actions had hurt Berkshire’s reputation.

The bodies of the two mega-campers are substantially the same, although one also has a rear vehicle bay for a quad. The windows of the living area are double-glazed, can all be opened and are fitted with mosquito nets and roller blinds.

The bedroom is at the back and a comfortable, leather-upholstered seating area for four to six people in front, with a table that can be electrically lowered to form a second double bed. There’s also a marble-floored bathroom with underfloor heating, a separate shower cubicle, a toilet/bidet combination, washbasin and three-door vanity unit.

“She rose, a jade jewel, out of the sea. Her lush green coat was fringed with the black lace of the cliffs and her heights draped with scintillating snow.”

That’s not the same scene experienced by current travellers to the island, such as those who sailed there this month for the opening of the new research base. Stellenbosch University researcher Professor Steven Chown, who has visited Marion on many occasions since 1983, says Marsh’s “jade jewel” has disappeared.

Now one has and it’s none other than the BBC’s Top Gear TV show. Tesla Motors, a high-end electric car specialist from the USA, is suing TG over an episode first aired in December 2008, in which the boys raced a Tesla Roadster against the petrol-powered Lotus Elise on which it’s based.

However, the action ended after 88km with the Tesla being pushed and Jeremy Clarkson saying it had run out of charge. According to Tesla the car’s batteries never died, and TG’s subsequent excuse was that it was simply showing what could happen. Tesla also refutes the show’s claim that the brakes broke.

Tesla’s first response, quite fairly, was to ask for a retraction but since that never happened and that show is still bouncing around in repeats and on DVD, Tesla finally stripped its moer and filed a lawsuit.

Berkshire announced Sokol’s resignation late Wednesday. On Thursday, the company’s stock fell 2.1 percent as investors worried whether the incident would tarnish Berkshire’s sterling reputation or become a distraction for the company.

Sokol’s actions may not have been illegal, experts say, but are still likely to attract the attention of investigators. And for a company that has carefully cultivated a squeaky-clean reputation, it is a rare black mark.

With 40 points already in the bag, a top eight finish seems secure for Clinton Larsen’s men, but they will want to cement their grip on fifth place and be the ‘best of the rest’ behind the four title challengers placed above them on the log.

Vasco, on the other hand, will be looking over their shoulders nervously, fully aware that they could yet fall into a scrap to avoid the fate of finishing in the relegation playoff spot.

Heading into this round of league matches, the Cape side are just five points clear of second-from-bottom Moroka Swallows. Retaining their top flight status seemed an easy task just a couple of months back, but Vasco have hit a lean run of five games without a win.

Analysts are split about Intel’s prospects. Some say Intel is too late to the game to score any major market share. Others caution that Intel, with $11.7 billion in net income last year on $43.6 billion in revenue, has plenty of money to pour into making its mobile division a winner.

The car is permanently connected to the internet and the cabin is a wi-fi hotspot; holders for iPads are built into the back of the front seats – the driver still has to hold his on his lap, however.

Inside, Audi has given the cyberwarriors free rein: a “power meter” replaces the conventional rev-counter, with a needle that indicates the total system output on a scale of 0 to 100 percent and a second scale divided into coloured segments. The green and orange segments show at a glance where the car is getting its motivation – electric motor, petrol engine or both – and another dial displays the charge level of the battery.

Electric cars are also a key part of China’s efforts to curb its voracious appetite for imported oil and gas, which communist leaders see as a strategic weakness. “The energy security advantages for them are enormous,” said Seligsohn. “Switching people to electricity that you can produce domestically is very appealing.”

Beijing has long pushed for technology transfer in fields from high-speed rail to clean energy as a condition of contracts or licences. China’s bullet trains are based on European and Japanese technology but are being marketed in Latin America and the Middle East, prompting complaints it is violating the spirit of such agreements.

China’s vehicle manufacturing policies have provoked disputes with Washington and other trading partners. The US, Europe and Canada launched a World Trade Organisation (WTO) case in 2006 challenging Beijing’s effort to compel makers to use Chinese-made components by imposing higher taxes on cars made with more than 40 percent foreign parts. The WTO ruled against Beijing in 2008, but by then they had developed local suppliers.

This has filled a gap where municipal recycling has failed, but the batteries collected are only a fraction of the estimated 30 000 tons of batteries disposed of in South African landfills each year.

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