when storms directly over the Florida landing site resulted in much earlier cancellations

NASA faced the prospect of more stormy weather Monday as it tried for the fifth time to launch shuttle Endeavour to the international space station.

The seven astronauts assigned to the space station construction mission waved and shook their hands in the air as they headed out to the launch pad at midafternoon.

Weather conditions were green, or go, as the crew climbed aboard one at a time, but areas of rain popped up to the west, a cause for concern.

On Sept. 25, 2007, the City of Renton, Wash., held a ribbon-cuttting ceremony to open Logan Avenue, the culmination of the largest public works project in the city’s history. The project included construction of the Landing, a 46-acre retail and residential development that is now welcoming throngs of businesses and residents to the area.

“Today’s grand opening of Logan Avenue represents a major milestone in the history of Renton,” said Renton Mayor Kathy Keolker. “Not only is it one of the largest and most elaborate road and utility construction projects in the history of Renton — it is the road to The Landing, the most exciting shopping, living and lifestyle experience south of Lake Washington.”

In July 2006, crews began construction on the massive project, which featured numerous transportation upgrades. Armed with a budget of almost $25 million, including federal and state funding, the project was completed on time and within the allocated budget.

Iran on Tuesday criticized the U.S. move to boost the defensive missiles system in Gulf Arab countries against potential strikes by Tehran, calling it a political ploy to increase American military presence in the region.

Parliament speaker Ali Larijani said upgrading the missile defense systems in the Persian Gulf would only bring more trouble for U.S. forces.

“Regional countries should know that this puppet show by the U.S., while claiming to create security in the region is nothing except a new political ploy to increase the (American) military presence at the expense of others,” Larijani said during a parliament session.

Greg McElroy grew up going to Texas-Oklahoma games in Dallas every year, and understands “it’s a special rivalry.” No. 2 Alabama’s quarterback, who grew up in Texas, said the Alabama-Auburn game trumps it because the Iron Bowl is a statewide obsession.

Atlantis’ seven astronauts made it further into their landing preparations than they did Friday, when storms directly over the Florida landing site resulted in much earlier cancellations.

A cooling-system problem cropped up aboard Atlantis soon after the astronauts got word of the latest delay, and they were advised to hold off on opening the payload bay doors just in case an emergency return was required. Within minutes, however, Altman was assured everything was fine, and the doors were opened to radiate the heat generated by all the equipment.

Altman and his crew are trying to wind up their Hubble repair mission, which began May 11. It was NASA’s last visit to the 19-year-old observatory. The $1 billion overhaul should keep the telescope working for another five to 10 years.

The underwear is called J-Wear, and includes a line of shirts, pants and socks as well. Wakata tested all of them during his mission. “We’ll see the results after landing,” Wakata said.

J-Wear is billed as being antistatic and flame retardant, which is especially important for spaceship wear. The clothes are also seamless, making them lighter and more comfortable, according to the Japanese Space Agency. The goal is “comfortable everyday clothes for life in a spaceship.”

On Thursday morning, the shuttle astronauts released a small canister containing a navigation, rendezvous and docking experiment prepared by University of Texas and Texas A&M researchers. In the afternoon, they planned to launch an atmospheric density experiment, so scientists can better understand how orbiting objects move and eventually come down.

It was launched amid considerable hoopla in 1990, but quickly found to be nearsighted because of a flawed mirror. Corrective lenses were installed in 1993 during what NASA’s science mission chief, Ed Weiler, calls “the miracle in space mission.”

“We have seven years of accumulated maintenance work to do,” Hubble program manager Preston Burch said. “So you can imagine if you had a car and you were driving it every day for seven years and never took it into the shop. You would have quite a list of things to do on it.”

With all the newest pieces, NASA hopes to keep Hubble churning out breathtaking views of the universe for another five to 10 years. The new cameras should Acer AS10D31 Battery enable the observatory to peer deeper into the cosmos and collect an unprecedented amount of data.

“These are dangerous, dangerous events,” said John Cummings, spokesman for the Honolulu Emergency Management Department.

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