which was not aware of the phone problem until SOS contacted them

Employees of an east-side supermarket on Wednesday fought with two shoplifters who were trying to steal a grocery cart full of $200 worth of meat and beer, Madison police reported.


Leon Lane, 44, of Madison, was tentatively charged with retail theft, possession of cocaine, bail jumping and battery, and his  accomplice, Sherri Johnson, 39, of Stoughton, was tentatively charged with retail theft, following their arrest at about 9 a.m. Wednesday at Copps Food Center, 2502 Shopko Drive, police said.


Police would not provide any further details about the shootings and said they went to the house while “continuing their investigation into a sexual assault.” Foster said she has no regrets about having Gibson in the movie.


Fond du Lac police Officer Craig Birkholz, 28, was shot in the upper chest and killed, police Chief Tony Barthuly said. K-9 Officer Ryan Williams was shot twice and was taken to an area hospital, where he was in critical condition, Barthuly said. Williams’ dog, Grendel, also was shot.


“It’s stuff like this that gives Bradley hope,” House said. “When I go in there, look him in the eyes and say, ‘Bradley, there are people on the outside that support you,’ his eyes light up.”


Daniel Ellsberg, a Manning supporter who leaked the so-called Pentagon Papers in 1971, was one of the protesters arrested Sunday. Officers handcuffed some protesters and led them away after they refused to leave U.S. Route 1 in front of the base.


“There were all sorts of things that were beyond our control,” she told the audience after the movie, “It’s been difficult. In the last six months there hasn’t been any real audience (for the film). I think we all made the wise decision we should keep the film in some ways private and under wraps until we were ready to release.”


Jenna Hansen is hoping that now that protests have started to wane, it will bring back some of her regular customers who had avoided Downtown because of the crowds. But Hansen, who with her mother, Peg Scholtes, owns Capitol Kids, a children’s store at 8 S. Carroll St., said she adjusted her merchandise to make up for losses.


New items included “Solidarity” and “Teach me how to protest” T-shirts and $11 plastic vuvuzela horns. One of the best days of the year was Saturday when an estimated 100,000 people jammed the Capitol Square.


“It’s been phenomenal for business,” said Hansen, whose store is celebrating its 11th year this week. “If we hadn’t started selling those shirts, certainly sales would have been greatly decreased.”


The school website said Northside would resume classes Thursday. “Thank you to the district staff and local law enforcement for ensuring student safety today,” the website said.


The incident began at about 8:45 a.m. when the bus driver, who said he had heard the student tell others on the bus that he had a bomb, arrived at the school, evacuated the bus and notified school officials.


What caused the phone button to stop working is still something of a mystery, but the delay in service was traced to a mix-up in the original service quote from Braun, which was not aware of the phone problem until SOS contacted them.


A relatively small amount of state investment currently ensures that residents have access to convenient, robust recycling programs in communities like Eau Claire, Appleton, La Crosse, Green Bay, Kenosha and Racine. Facing budget shortfalls of their own, leaders in these communities would likely respond to state budget cuts by limiting the types of materials that can be recycled.


Even more worrisome is that many smaller communities such as Forest, Menominee, Florence, Marquette, Iron and Rusk counties rely 100 percent on state funding for their recycling programs. Residents in these areas may entirely lose access to local recycling programs if the governor’s budget proposal passes as is.


Dr. Raymond Georgen said during a news conference Sunday evening that Williams was shot once in the left shoulder and once in the right chest, just below the collarbone.


Police could not say whether any officers returned fire on Cruckson, citing the ongoing investigation. In a statement, police said the Wisconsin Department of Justice has 22 agents investigating.

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