where car manufacturing has mostly stopped in the aftermath of the earthquake

BGE is starting to roll out “smart meter” technology, which will enable homeowners and BGE to better use technology to track and , calibrate electricity usage at people’s homes – and company officials say those meters could help customers track electric-vehicle energy needs as well. Officials also are considering special rates for charging cars.


The company has its own electric and hybrid vehicles that it is testing for fleet use and to better understand how the cars use electricity. BGE officials also say they have been coordinating with electric-charger manufacturers.


There’s also an all-music version of the game, where you have to get your fellow players to guess the song titles by using clues or singing the song. Choose from pop mix, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, classic rock, hip-hop/R&B, country and oldies categories.


Foster, who directed and co-starred in the film, prefaced the screening by saying: “This is not a comedy.” But “The Beaver” drew many laughs from the SXSW audience, most for intentionally funny scenes, as when Gibson showers and irons a shirt with the puppet on his hand, but at least once for a scene that was unintentionally evocative of the star’s personal problems – when his character carries of box of liquor bottles.


Many smaller cars and hybrids are built in Japan, where car manufacturing has mostly stopped in the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.


Toyota says it’s shut down production until Tuesday. Honda remains closed and hasn’t said when its plants will restart. A shipment of more than 1,000 Nissan and Infiniti cars that was headed to the United States was destroyed in the tsunami. At least one hybrid maker is shut down, threatening supplies of hybrid cars.


“I can’t imagine anybody else doing it. He has such a deep, struggling soul that really understood the part of the movie that’s about a man in a spiritual crisis,” Foster said on the red carpet before the screening.


In crushing thin rebel defenses in a string of coastal cities since March 6, Gadhafi has bet that he can win a race against outside intervention. He has taken advantage of his superior military to drive the rebels back toward Benghazi, where opposition leaders plead for Western assistance.


And prices are expected to drop as manufacturing supply increases to meet consumer demand. Battery costs alone are expected to plummet 70 percent in two to three years. There had been only two manufacturers that produced electric vehicle batteries in the United States, but now the federal government is subsidizing up to 30 companies to make batteries.


“There has been robust investment in a whole range of technologies that are now converging,” said Brian Wynne, president of the Electric Drive Transportation Association. “The question is: How rapidly can we stand up a supply chain and put electric vehicles on the market?”


Little eventually accepted a diversion agreement relating to two battery charges. The trespass and damage to property charges were dropped. As part of the agreement, Little has had to meet with an anger-management counselor once a week and complete 30 hours of community service. He says the counseling sessions are helping him to not keep his feelings bottled up.


Dale Bridenbaugh, a nuclear engineer who left his job at General Electric 35 years ago, said that crises at nuclear facilities generally come when small errors add up.


“It’s an attitude of not caring about details that in and of itself won’t cause an accident, but in certain situations can cause a cascading series of failures,” said Bridenbaugh, who worked as a nuclear consultant until he retired in 1996. “Things seem fine and all of a sudden you’re in deep yogurt.”


Aside from installation kinks, so far so good, Olson said. His iPhone can access the Volt’s owner’s manual, unlock the car, start it remotely and send him reminder texts about charging. And though his Volt is neither fast nor flashy, Olson said, the unassuming car is quieter than a bicycle and stays cool with its silver coat of paint.


With current lithium ion battery technology, the Volt can travel about 40 miles before gasoline is needed to power the electric motor. The vehicle can be charged for about $1.50 a day or less. By comparison, the Nissan Leaf won’t use any gasoline, and the Japanese automaker says it can go 100 miles on a single charge.


But for many consumers, electric vehicles are still too pricey. The Volt is selling for $41,000, the Nissan Leaf retails for about $33,000 before tax credits.

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