Wireless networking has become extremely common yet the system lacks integrated wireless

Some of the systems are now even shipping with 17-inch LCD panels. These systems seem to barely qualify as being portable as they definitely will not fit into most laptop bags on the market. If you are planning on carrying your desktop replacement laptop with you everywhere, be prepared.

Battery life on the Pavilion dv7-3180us is slightly above average. Blu-ray movie playback is a bit more power intensive and yields over two hours with DVD playback netting around two and a half. More traditional laptop usage will add about another hour to the overall running time.

The area that the Inspiron 1200 really needs improvement is in the connectivity. Wireless networking has become extremely common yet the system lacks integrated wireless.

In order for users to get this ability, they must purchase a separate PC card to use the only type II PC Card slot. In addition, the notebook also lacks any FireWire connection preventing it from importing digital video.

Hard drive space is also a bit scarce at 320GB, although it is a fast 7200RPM model. However, you can purchase two 320GB drives in RAID 0 configuration for $150 more. Another option you may want to consider is upgrading to a Blu-ray drive, since the display features HD resolution.

Most desktop replacement laptops have weights of 7 pounds and some can even be as high as 13 pounds! Add in any peripherals, software, extra batteries and books you might be carrying with the system and it can easily exceed 20 pounds of weight pretty quickly.

This is one of the primary reasons that business travelers have a tendency to prefer either the thin and light or ultraportable systems, but they are sacrificing computing power for portability.

Overall, the Alienware M17x R.3 (3D model) is best suited for moderate gamers looking to play in 3D. It’s easy to enjoy HD multimedia, especially when combined with the upgraded Blu-ray drive. The design and soft touch finish add a nice feel to a notebook that is built for gaming.

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